Rabbit Keeping

The keeping of rabbits isn’t as easy as often shown or claimed. That’s why it is – for you as rabbit owner – most important to get informed to give them the life they deserve.

Rabbits need a lot of space

Small hutches or cages are inappropriate

Rabbits have an immense need for movement, comparable to a cat. Customary hutches or cages aren’t adequate to meet your rabbits needs. Rabbits can jump over a meter high, turn around while jumping, sprint about 37 mph fast and turn around at lightning speed. That’s why they need a balcony, a garden or a space in your flat that is several square meters in size (optimally 65 ft² (US) or 10 sqare thou for two rabbits) instead of a small hutch or cage.
This is also the only way you can witness the full range of their behavioural repertoire – binkies (happy jumps), fitness runs, cuddling with friends, stretching out legs – and trust me it’s worth it.

Minimum dimensions for rabbit habitats

Rabbits are alternately active

Please also don’t lock them up at night

Rabbits need a lot of space – also at night. That is because they dont sleep the whole night through. Especially in the late evening hours and the early morning hours they are extremely active. If you lock them up in a small cage where they can’t properly move, least of all run and jump they will desperately nibble at the fence, make annoying noises, scratch the ground and of course be bored and unhappy. Thats why you should plan a fitting habitat for your bunnys from the very beginning.

Never alone / Rabbits need friends

Isolated keeping is not animal friendly

Rabbits are highly social animals. More than 50% of their behaviour are social behaviour patterns, that aren’t possible with other species or alone. Thats why you should never keep your rabbit alone and always give them at least one rabbit friend to interact with.

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Living at the balcony, in the garden or in the flat? Everything is possible!

Appropriate outside housing

When you have a garden and enough space in it you should choose the outside housing. A big, diversified habitat for at night and a grassland to jump around over the day make the rabbits and its owner happy. Their behaviour can be watched beautifully and the rabbits will be healthy and active.

Outside housing – things you have to know
Build your own outside housing – tipps and tricks
Marten safety – which materials protect from wild animals
Dig protection – things to prevent your rabbit from escaping
Buy your own outside housing
Runout places in the garden
Outside housing example pictures

Inside housing

If you do not have a garden or a rabbit that is sick you may have to choose inside housing. But also inside you can give your bunnys the place they need without a small cage. There is the possibility to let them run around in the flat freely and to train your rabbits to go to the toilet or you give them a separated own room or habitat.

How to house train your rabbit
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Protect your flat (dangerous things for rabbits, wires etc.)
Rabbits and the tenancy law
Build your own inside housing

Balcony housing

Alternatively to the inside housing you can also provide a habitat for your bunny on a balcony. There they have the chance to observe and feel more of the nature outside and you spare your flat. But attention, you also have to secure the balcony from every side or at least the rabbit habitat.

Balcony housing
Balcony housing example pictures

Get informed: www.how-to-rabbit.com.