Pet rabbits do not belong in a cage – a rabbit-proof area is possible where they freely hop around and be themselves.


Small pets with full attention needed!

Yes, you read that right. Rabbits are small pets who require full attention. To give pet owners an opportunity to have a fulfilling time with their rabbits, we have created this page with information and practical tips such as healthy feeding options, species-appropriate companionship selection, widespread diseases prevention, and other pet rabbit matters.

We hope that you will discover new things about your pet rabbits through this page. Enjoy reading!


Myth: ‚Pet rabbits cannot eat fresh food as it may lead to digestive problems’

In this photo, you can see the standard equipment of a wild rabbit with a hairdryer so that it does not have to eat wet fresh food. Wet fresh food is okay, as long as it’s still fresh!

It doesn’t make a difference whether a rabbit eats fresh food or ‘dry’ fresh food and drinks water: both water and fresh food arrive in the digestive system. Both are completely unproblematic as long as the rabbit is used to fresh food. Wild rabbits will feed on wet food on rainy days too without any problems.

Many breeders and pet rabbit owners feed wet fresh food without ever experiencing problems; this is supported by scientific feeding trials. But how did this rumour develop that pet rabbits cannot eat wet fresh food?

Fresh food, when not stored and handled well, may lead to fermentation. This happens when fresh food is washed but not properly dried before storing. Rabbits cannot digest fermented fresh food. Thus, special attention has to be paid when handling fresh food. It shouldn’t be pressed and packed in a plastic immediately without drying the wet fresh food. Sounds like preparing fresh food for the pet owners? Indeed, and with tender loving care.

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